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Outdoor Sporting Goods Retailer Looks to Aubright for Fishing Reel Display

The Situation

To sit on a unique island unit in their retail stores, a leading national sporting goods chain needed a locking display for showcasing high-end fishing reels. While security was important, high-impact visual appeal was the top priority!

The Solution

Aubright created a locking case with two different reel holders. The unique, functional design accommodated different sized reels, as well as sign/price holders.


The Alliance Partner - Rapala, USA

Aubright Provides a Perfect Fit for the Expanding Product Needs of Rapala USA!

The Situation

Rapala, the world's favorite fishing lure, was looking to expand its footprint even further in the recreational/fishing space with a broad selection of domestic-made fishing accessories. This exclusive line of products includes cleaning boards, fillet stations, rulers and rod racks.

The Solution

Our full-service, in-house expertise in design, engineering and custom sheet-plastic fabrication are the exact capabilites Rapala was looking for. From front-end planning to back-end fulfillment, we work hand-in-hand with Rapala on an ongoing basis to design, fabricate and private brand unique, exclusive products for distribution in their markets. It's a perfect partnership for the two Minnesota-based companies.

"We are excited to align our two companies," says Tom Mackin, President of Rapala USA. "Working with Aubright allows us to develop new products, expand our offerings and become an unbeatable resource for customers in the trade and for anglers around the world."